Village of Addyston Police Department 

235 Main Street

Addyston, Ohio 45001

Emergency    911 
Dispatch (513) 825 2280
Office (513) 941 1313
Fax (513) 941 2514







Addyston Police on the Web 

The Village of Addyston Police Department is dedicated to contributing to a high quality of life in the community by maintaining a peaceful and orderly environment. We do this by protecting lives and property of our citizens and visitors. With cooperation from our residents we collectively reduce opportunities for individuals to commit criminal acts and by effectively apprehending and bringing to justice individuals accused or suspected of criminal acts.

The department seeks to accomplish this by providing high-quality community-oriented Police Services in partnership with the citizens of Addyston. The Department is committed to operating an agency with maximum effectiveness, exceptional service to the community, adherence to constitutional safeguards guaranteed individuals in our society and developing a reputation for excellence through pride, professionalism and demonstrated results.


Community Policing

The Addyston Police Department believes in providing comprehensive Community Oriented Police Services to the citizens of Addyston. Community Oriented Policing is best defined as a style of policing in which objectives, direction and emphasis of activities are jointly determined by the community and the police. Community policing broadens the role of the Police Department in the community and the role of the community in the Police Department. It requires that a partnership be developed between both sides.


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